Tenerife Things to do & Top Attractions

This article contains the top attractions and things to do in Tenerife. We also provide an insight into the history of the island.

Tenerife, Islas Canarias

Top Attractions and Things to do in Tenerife

Tenerife is a beautiful volcanic island and part of the Canary Islands archipelago. The popular Canary Islands are a grouping of 7 main islands and several smaller islets. These islands lie off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. Tenerife is the biggest and most populated of the Canaries. This island is home to some 900,000 permanent inhabitants.

The city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of both Tenerife and the joint capital of the Canary Islands. These islands have a subtropical climate which yields superb weather all year round.

Las Palmas comparte el estatus de ciudad capital cada cuatro años cuando el parlamento cambia. La composición volcánica de esta isla es notable al visitar las playas. Arena negra se encuentra en los muchos centros turísticos aquí. Algunos de los mejores complejos turísticos de Tenerife incluyen Playa de las Américas para la mejor vida nocturna. Costa Adeje para las vacaciones más tranquilas y refinadas. Los cristianos para una experiencia canaria más tradicional. A continuación se muestra una lista numerada de nuestras cosas favoritas para hacer en Tenerife durante su visita.

1) Teide National Parl

Teide National Park, Tenerife

Dominating the skyline of Tenerife is the awesome Mount Teide Volcano. The third biggest in the world when measured from it’s base. Teide is the highest point in the whole of Spain standing an impressive 3,718 m above sea level.

The volcano is the focal point of the Teide National Park along with it’s 10 mile wide crater. This national park is one of the four to be found in the Canaries and a protected Unesco World heritage site. A cable car takes visitors up to the summit of the peak. Here you experience some of the most spectacular vistas on the planet.

The atmospheric conditions often create a sea of clouds as shown in the image above. The volcanic eruptions have created some of the most unique rock formations. You are unlikely to see anything quite like these formations anywhere else.lado.

2) Loro Parque

Loro Parque Tenerife

The popular Loro Parque opened in December in 1972. This is one of the top attractions in the Canary Islands. Located in the northwest of the island on the outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz.

More than 40 millions people have now visited this popular zoo. When first opened, the park had only 150 parrots. Loro Parque now houses over 350 different species and over 4000 parrots. For more information, check out our Loro Parque article. We provide more details about the shows and entertainment on offer

3) Siam Park

Siam Beach

Siam Park is a beautiful Thai-themed water kingdom and one of the top attractions in Tenerife. The water rides here are grouped into three categories. Relax, family and also adrenaline to suit all age groups. The main attractions are Mai Thai River, Siam Beach, Cabanas, Kinaree, Mekong Rapids, Dragon, Tower of Power, The Volcano and Singha.

One day tickets are prices at 34 € for Adults and 23 € for Children if you are a visitor and not a resident. Siam Park offer various types of tickets. There are many discounts and exclusive entry to certain areas. Please take a look at their ticket prices to get the latest offers.

Map of Tenerife

Map of Tenerife

The image above is only a rough indication, this page shows the map and points of interest in Tenerife.

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4) Macizo de Anaga – Anaga Mountains

Anaga Mountains, Tenerife

The Anaga Mountains lie in the northeastern part of Tenerife. A protected rural park, this mountain range is popular with climbers and hikers. The many hiking trails offer amazing views of the surrounding islands. The highest point is “Cruz de Taborno”, this peak stands at 1024 metres above sea level.

Anaga is by far the greenest part of the island and also the oldest. There are several small inhabited villages dotted around Anaga. Many villages do not have direct access to the roads. Anaga has also been the subject of many important archaeological finds. Some of these finds date back to the ancient “Guanche” settlers.

5) Playa de Las Teresitas Beach

playa de las teresitas

Tenerife has some excellent beaches to spend those relaxing days. Las Teresitas is one of the few white sandy beaches in Tenerife and one of the best. This beautiful beach stretches for around 1.5 km with the water crystal clear in many places. This beach is never as busy as those in the south of the island.

Playa Las Teresitas lies in the northeast of the island. A few km’s from the village of San Andres and 7 km’s north of the capital city Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The sand here is imported from the Western Sahara Desert located on the African mainland. The Anaga Mountains backdrop makes this one of the most beautiful places in Tenerife.

6) Cueva del Viento

Cueva del Viento

Cueva del Viento is another top attraction which lies in Icod de los Vinos. This area is another part of the province of Santa Cruz in the north of the island. The name comes from the strong draughts that blow through the caves.

Formed some 27,000 year ago, Cueva del Viento was the result of the Pico Viejo volcano erupting. So far, 18 km’s have been mapped which makes this the fifth largest of it’s kind in the world. The other four belong to the island of Hawaii. It’s very possible that this labrinth of caves extends for much further than 18 km’s. According to the official website, there are plans to explore the cave system further.

These case are home to 190 different species, 15 of which are new discoveries. The vast majority are invertebrates. The cave lighting displays all sort of hidden wonders. Some walls have vivid red and blue tones which are rarely seen anywhere else.

Guided tours of the caves cost 20 € for adults and 8,50 € for children. You can visit most days of the year but the timetable varies.

More Super Things To Do In Tenerife

7) Pirámide de Arona

Pirámide de Arona

As big fans of Flamenco music it would not be right to miss out the fantastic Pirámide de Arona. The performances of renowned Spanish dance choreographer Carmen Mota are spectacular. A must see attraction.

The Pirámide de Arona (as shown above) is a vast pyramid building that dedicates itself to Flamenco. Antología (Anthology) is the main show of Carmen Mota and her company. This amazing spectacle sees some of the most important choreographies of her career. If you love Flamenco, you will not regret coming here.

You can check out the official website for ticket prices and schedule.

8) Masca Walk

Masca Walk

Another attraction for hiking enthusiasts comes in the form of Masca Walk. An incredible but challenging landscape awaits those that come here walking. This is the perfect place to be at one with nature.

The landscape here is simply amazing. Full of caves, arches, beautiful rock formations and vegetation. Many that attempt this walk are suprised by the difficulty. The four hour trek is for beginners but even this will test your strength and stamina. Suitable footwear and comfortable clothing are mandatory.

This excellent article by Walking Tenerife goes into more details about what to expect.