Weather in Tenerife in January 2019

The weather in Tenerife in January is generally good although this is the coldest month. Visitors looking for some winter sun can expect an average temperature of 17 Celsius.

January is one of the busiest months for tourism here. Many travel south to escape the falling temperatures further north. Tenerife, like the other Canary Islands enjoys a sub-tropical climate. It rarely gets cold here, the summers are hot and the winters are mild.

The temperature tends to be warmer on the southern and southwestern coasts. Resorts such as Costa Adeje and Playa de las Americas especially. Mount Teide acts as a shield to block the colder northern winds.

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Weather in Tenerife in January

The temperature in Tenerife in January can reach 22 Celsius. The daily low here is a mild 14 Celsius. A hot breeze coming from the Sahara to the east helps to keep the temperature warm. This same breeze tends to contain sand which can lower visibility across the island.

The weather in Tenerife in January will yield it’s warmest temperatures during mid-month. The daily average temperature will usually peak at 20 Celsius for several days at least. The beginning and end of the month will average between 17 – 18 Celsius. A record high for January of 28.4 Celsius was registered at Tenerife south airport in 1984. Here you can find yearly averages and what type of weather to expect during other months.

Hours of Sunshine

Hours of daylight and sunshine tend to be quite low during this month. The days will remain light for 11 hours with 6 hours of expected sunshine each day. January shares the lowest hours of sunshine with December. Every other month see between 7 – 10 hours of sunshine. Plenty of the days will be overcast during January but still nice and warm.

Rainfall in January

January usually sees around 3 – 4 days of rainfall during the month. The precipitation tends to be much less than November, December and February. January is actually the driest of the colder months. December sees around double the rainfall as the temperature cools. When the rain arrives, it’s unlikely to be much more than a shower or drizzle. The northern and northwestern parts of the island tend to see more rainfall than the southern areas.

Sea Temperature

The Sea temperature during January is now 20 Celsius. This is a touch colder than December but still warm enough for a swim. This is a great resources that talks more about the monthly Sea temperature in Tenerife. Both February and March see a further drop to the yearly low. It’s not unusual to see the beaches buzzing with activity in January. This is especially true for the northern Europeans who live in colder climates.

More Weather in Tenerife

So now you know more about the weather in Tenerife in January. The links below will take you to yearly and other monthly information.

Tenerife Weather in January Facts

Below are some facts about the weather in Tenerife in January.

  • The average daily temperature is 17 Celsius
  • The Sea temperature is 20 Celsius
  • There are 6 hours of sunshine
  • Average of 3 – 4 days rainfall
  • Daily high of 21 Celsius
  • Daily low of 15 Celsius
  • Southern and eastern Tenerife are a touch warmer
  • January is the coldest month in Tenerife

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