Weather in Costa Adeje in March 2019

The weather in Costa Adeje in March improves after the previous coldest months. The 20th of this month will mark the end of winter and the start of spring.

Springtime is popular for paying a visit to Tenerife and March is no exception. March and April tend to be the busiest months here for tourism. The average outside temperature now increases to 19 Celsius. If you are visiting during March then you will enjoy a high of 22 Celsius and a low of 16 Celsius.

Weather in Costa Adeje in March

Weather in Costa Adeje in March

The weather in Costa Adeje in March is always better at the end of the month. As soon as winter ends, the temperatures only increase until the height of summer. At the start of the month, the conditions are like January and February.

When we were last here in 2016, every day was around 20 Celsius with a few days warmer. The weather conditions were overcast but warm for most days. During the day was T-Shirt weather but the temperature falls at night. You will need a jacket or something to wear if you are going out in the evenings.

Rainy Days in Costa Adeje in March

March tends to see about the same amount of rainfall as January and February. There is very little difference, the odd rainy less or more is typical. March will usually get 7 -8 days of rain with precipitation levels on a par with February. There is far less rainfall here closer to April. This will be the last month with any significant rainfall until autumn.

Sea Temperature in March

Iberostar Bouganville Playa, Costa Adeje

The temperature of the sea in March remains at 18 Celsius at the start of the month. This is the coldest yearly level March shares with February and January. Around the 10th of the month, the temperature then increases to 19 Celsius. April, June and July all see further increases in the sea temperature in Costa Adeje. July and August are when the sea is at it’s warmest temperature of 23 Celsius.

Hours of Sunshine

The hours of sunshine in March remain at 8 hours. This is the same for the previous two months, May will see another increase to 9 hours. Daylight hours will begin to increase when spring arrives. June, July and August see the hours of sun peak at 10 hours per day.

Weather in Costa Adeje in March Stats

The typical outside temperature in March is 19 Celsius. This month has a daily high of 22 Celsius and a low of 16 Celsius.

March sees 7 – 8 rainy days during the month. The precipitation levels are almost identical to January and February.

The sea temperature begins the month at it’s coldest yearly level of 18 Celsius. This then increases in the second week of March to 19 Celsius.

March has 8 hours of sunshine on average, the same as January and February. The hours of daylight start to increase in spring.

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